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How much do your gowns costs?
Price starts from Rs. 25,000 inclusive of material and goes upwards based on the complexity of the pattern.

How soon should I give my order?
If your wedding comes between November to January, due to seasonal rush, you'll have to give your order at least 4 months in advance. Else you may give 2 months before the wedding. Complex gowns may take longer.

Why are your gowns expensive when I can get it done by a tailor for less?
There have been so many instances of dresses being ruined by tailors or not meeting the brides expectation. Your wedding is the most important day in your life and you cannot afford to take risks.  At Concetta Bridals we go to great lengths to ensure the dress comes perfect without overlooking fine details. Every gown is unique for its hand sewn embellishments and exquisite lace to the final fit and finish. There has not been a single instance where the bride is unhappy with her dress.

Can I get my own fabric?
Sure. But please discuss with us before you purchase so we can advise the length required and the type of fabric you should be looking for.

Can I select any pattern on the net and email you?
Yes, provided we have similar fabrics or you can source it from somewhere.

I donít live in Mangalore. Can I just send you the measurements?
No. You will need to visit personally for measurements, discussing the pattern and trials. A minimum of 3 visits is essential. Accurate measurements are vital to finding a perfect style and fit to enhance and complement your figure.

Do you do bridesmaid & flower girl dresses?
Not for weddings that come between November to January. For Any other period, the flowergirls/ bridesmaids need to be present for measurements at least 2-3 months before the wedding.

Do you keep ready gowns?
Yes, we carry a wide range to suit your budget. The fitting may not be perfect and there's a limit to the amount of alteration that can be done. A custom gown tailored for your individual figure always gives you a fit that is unequalled in a ready-to-wear gown.

Do you have gowns for hire?
No. You might be wondering the dress is going to be worn just for a few hours so why spend the money on a new one?  Remember, this is the most memorable dress you will ever buy in your life. You will be on display in front of your guests.  They WILL remember your dress and you will have photos of the dress to show your children. YOU ARE THE BRIDE, itís your day. You deserve to look fabulous! 

Do I need to take appointment before visiting you?
Because we know that time is valuable both to you and to us, we recommend that you call for an appointment to discuss the pattern. Come with an idea of the type of gown you are looking for as well as a budget in mind.   

Do the gowns come with veil, tiara & gloves?
The prices of these are extra. There's a wide variety to choose from.


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